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Vega Gravel is technology at the service of the desire to explore. A bicycle that makes gravel accessible to every cyclist,opening up to the infinite possibilities of getting excited on the saddle.

To create the most transversal e-bike, Basso has combined some of the most iconic models of its recent history. In fact, Vega boasts an illustrious lineage: Tera, from whom it inherits the geometries designed for gravel, and Volta, with whom it shares its technological heart. Its geometry makes it comfortable and manageable, suitable for any body type.



The frame is aluminum (6061 triple butted) with a carbon fork to ensure steering precision and predictable and safe steering, even when riding with loaded bags.

Once assembled, the weight of the Vega Gravel in size S is 17.80 kg.


The engine is the Polini EP3 + Evo, with more than 75Nm of torque and 250W of power. The integrated 500 Wh Polini battery offers 5 customizable assistance levels and up to 220 km of assistance. A compact, powerful and durable propulsion system, compatible with the bottle battery extender (which adds an additional 250Wh of assistance) and technological accessories.

Basso Vega E Gravel Bike

$5,644.00 Regular Price
$4,999.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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