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Super Veloce, Super Versatile

While improving upon past success is never easy, taking an award-winning and universally lauded platform and making it not only faster but better proved to be a herculean task. Basso, thanks to its competitive nature and desire to evolve, enjoyed the challenge and the end result demonstrates the effort, attention to detail and passion that went into this project.

A perfect blend of carryover tech and new design make for a better, best Basso.


Diamante SV’s carbon layup, tube diameters and construction vary in function with size. From 45 to 63, you will experience the same perfected riding quality.


Integrated Handlebar Levita
The Diamante SV tip for unprecedented handling: stiff, light, and ergonomic. Levita redefines the concept of riding precision in a heap of technology and aesthetic purity.


3B Clamp system Gen 2
A totally hidden fixing solution that is invisible on the frame, intertwining technological and aesthetic innovation.


The result is a lightweight, invisible and strong integrated system with three screws, which has been further implemented through the vulcanization of the steel plank. This Basso solution gives the 3B system an anti-vibration function, which improves the riding experience by elevating comfort on uneven and bumpy surfaces.

Basso Diamante SV

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