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In the never ending search for more speed via optimised Aerodynamics, CHAPTER2 introduces the
Mana which means “power” in Maori. The Integrated Bar + Stem combo allows air to flow over it smoothly, creating a seamless and elegant cockpit made 100% from TORAY® Carbon and tested
to EN ISO 4210:2014. The careful use of specific carbon lay-ups made in Japan creates just the right
blend of stiffness for accurate and predictable steering yet enough “give” to take the sting out of any uneven road surfaces.

Chapter 2 Mana Handlebars

SKU: 100030HB41111
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Material:  Toray® Uni-Directional Carbon 
    Sizes:  5

    Weight:   330g (100-420mm)
    Spacers: Carbon 2x10mm, 1x5mm & 1x5mm (Curved)

    Steerer: 1-1/8”

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