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Vardena’s facility in Italy manufactures custom jerseys, bibs and speed-suits in full carbon or carbon ceramic technology for Riders, Road Bike or MTB Teams.

Super Heat Dissipation (over 65% more than normal fabrics).

– Lactic Acid Removal.

– Superior Breathability

– Muscular Fatigue Reduction Carbon Fiber -Technology (Active on the Respiratory System).

– Light Weight.

– Visible Carbon Fiber

– Aerodynamic PatchWork Construction.

– Race Fit

– V-Shaped Neck

– Start-Stop Zip

– Hand Made in Italy

– AeroSpace Composite Technology

Tailor Fit Cycles Jersey by Vardena

Excluding Sales Tax
  • VARDENA is an Italian brand, which has its factory in Varese, a city in the northern part of Italy, since 1980. This area is considered the Land of Champions, thanks to more than 100 years of cycling history. Here you can find industries specialized in luxury textile, aviation, precision mechanics and the most sophisticated cycling. And amidst them is VARDENA, where we engineer and manufacture the new carbon fiber cycling technology of VARDENA.

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